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Episode 21: Stefan Mauerer “Adapt Yourself, Don’t Change Yourself” The Nuances of Doing Business in 5 Countries

July 27, 2020

On the show today we have Stefan Mauerer from Munich.

We will discuss Stefan’s worldly travels, diving into the stories that he personally experienced. Each one of these stories can help us understand many cultural differences and also give us some insights as to how people successfully do business with leaders around the globe. 
In addition, through his interesting and in many ways, funny stories from Europe, Russia, Asia, and Latin America, I hope that you will find this episode not only entertaining but also interesting and maybe this episode will be that spark that'll lead you on your own quest to discover the world - on your terms!


India - Ordering food, the tomato story and how everything is flexible.
Russia - As a foreigner you are taken at your word, managerial styles and improvisational skills.
Japan - Precise, honest, and punctual. The Running Waitress Story, the purse in McDonalds, forgetting his laptop on a train.

Mexico - A case of when two people adjust to each other and the miscommunication that can take place

Panama - Panamanian Spanish and the rules that will speed up your understanding


The Four Mechanisms to Living Abroad: 
1. No right/wrong; you don't have the right to teach people how to behave.
2. Make it clear to yourself; where/when you are meant to adapt and when/where it's ok that you do not.
3. Before you come - read "a" book about your host country.
4. Have someone assist you in understanding the local culture.


For more from Stefan and our talk, have a listen! 


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