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Episode 22: Marco Ferreyra - From Chulos to Chuvaks: One man’s story of cooking his way from Los Angeles to Moscow

August 3, 2020


A recipe has no soul.

As the cook, you must bring the soul to the recipe.


Welcome to Episode 22 with Marco Antonio Ferreyra.

On today’s show, we’ll have the chance to chat with Marco about his adventures growing up in Bell, a rough area of Los Angeles, his upbringing as a first-generation Mexican-American, how he got the cooking bug and what drove him to leave America for Russia.

We’ll also dig deeper to find out about his struggles in the food business, cultural differences, getting stalked, getting married and of course, what the future holds for this energetic, lively, and very passionate guy.


Please join me in welcoming Marco Antonio Ferreyra.



I.Early Life 

  • What was it like growing up in Los Angeles? 
  • When did you decide you wanted to become a chef? 
  • Where did you work prior to coming to Moscow? 
  • What was it like growing up in “Bell”? 


II. Getting the bug 

  • What’s your favorite dish to cook and why? 
  • Do you like to create your own dishes; something unique? 
  • Do you have a specific process? 


III. First Impressions 

  • What Russian dishes would you consider your favorite? Least favorite? 
  • What was it like working at Calicano? 
  • What future projects would you like to tackle? 


IV. Struggles 

  • What struggles did you face, if any, moving/living in Russia? 
  • Did police stop you often? How did locals treat you? 


V. Leaving Moscow 

  • Describe for us what happened. Why did you have to leave? 
  • Were you already seeing your g/f or were you married at that time? 
  • How were the relationships that you built while you were here?  
  • Did you think you’d be back? 


VI. Time in LA 

  • What do your parents and family/friends think of your “wild” adventures in Russia? 


VII. Returning to Moscow 

  • What was the deciding factor for you to come back to Russia? 
  • Was it it all kind of quick? 
  • Were you prepared at that time to make the comeback? 


VIII. Starting MASA 

  • What struggles did you face, opening your own food business here in Russia? How do you think it compares to other places in the world? 
  • Why bring Cali-Mex to Russia? 
  • What is business like here in Russia compared to back home? 
  • What’s your favorite dish on your menu? 
  • Any new dishes coming? 


IX. Meeting your wife 

  • So, I heard your wife stalked you to get your attention. You married a stalker? 
  • Have you been married before? 
  • If not, how does your Russian wife compare to American women, in your experience? 


X. Closing Questions 

  • Where else would you like to live (if you could)? 
  • What’s been some of the benefits for you, living abroad (aside from meeting and marrying your wife)? 
  • What would you say to the people that are “on the fence” about moving abroad? 
  • Closing remarks: Thank you and Acknowledgements 
  • Where can people contact you? 
  • Anything you’d like to say? 

Contact Info:

Masa Moscow on IG

Feel free to talk to Marco and Hassan

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