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Episode 24: Jay and Michelle - These Guys Have Been All Over and We Chat With Them About Their Adventures in Southeast Asia and Beyond

August 17, 2020

Welcome to Episode 24!

Today we have a super great couple, Jay and Michelle both from Long Island, New York who have, for the past 10+ years traveled, visited, worked, and lived in multiple countries including New Zealand, Australia, Korea, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal, and Thailand. 

Jay, originally from New York City, has traveled and lived between NY and California, learning and training in several martial art styles before jetting off to Australia where he met Michelle, who also happens to be from New York. These two met and quickly became inseparable. Jay and Michelle got married and for the last 10 years they have been doing exactly what best friends do - Enjoying their travels and their life together.

A little bit about Michelle. A dual-citizen of America and Australia was born and grew up on Long Island in New York. After finishing up high school, she wanted to reconnect with relatives in Australia and decided to attend university in Australia. 

These two jet-setters are currently located in Ho Chi Minh, aka Saigon and they both are ESL teachers. In addition to teaching, they have a growing YouTube channel that helps people learn about these wonderful places, their interesting opportunities to live and work and they also offer consultation services designed to advise and educate their clients on the best way to relocate to "greener pastures".

On today's episode, we had a chance to chat with these two about:

-Why they left America

-How they met

-Where they've lived (what drew them there and why they left)

-How many tattoos Jay has

-Discovering that Michelle is also an accomplished martial arts practitioner

- The in's and out's of working in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam

-Why New Zealand Sucks...but is still totally beautiful.

Feel free to connect with these two at the following:

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Jay's Blog, Michelle's Blog 


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