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Episode 28: David Signer - From Portugal to Russia, From Tennis Coach to English Teacher, From Stress to Freedom

October 8, 2020

Episode 28: David Signer

David Signer


On today's episode, I am joined by David Signer, a Portuguese-Swiss national who came to Russia with hopes of delivering high-quality tennis lessons to the most interested tennis enthusiasts. The reality quickly became anything but a positive experience. David tells all in this candid conversation between friends and former colleagues. 

  • David's life in Portugal without mom and dad
  • Discovering his love of tennis at a late age
  • The offer to come to Russia
  • First impressions and pitfalls
  • A picnic that would change the course of his life
  • David as a triathlete
  • David and marriage
  • ...and kids!
  • Final words


The Get Up & Get Out Podcast loves promoting people. We have this platform for that very reason - to give people a voice so that they may motivate others. As we learned today, David loves the triathlon world. IRONSTAR is a company that promotes Ironman events and is THE company that motivated David to become a better person physically. 

In addition to David’s love of training he also loves helping children discover their love of learning through the English language. David and some fellow colleagues built and launched Language Patrol - a YouTube channel that teaches English to their students. Go on over to their channel, check’em out,  watch the videos and be sure to  show them some love by subscribing. If you find their videos to be helpful go ahead and share it with a friend or two - I’m sure David and the crew would really appreciate it!


Thank you to David for coming on the show today. We wish him much success in Russia!
The takeaway from today’s show:

Just when you think you're down and out - pick yourself back up and keep going. 


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