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Episode 26 - Alex and Geoff: America to Berlin - Two Americans, Two Stories, Two Bottles of Whiskey

August 31, 2020

Episode 26 w/ Alex and Geoff


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In today's episode, I had the great pleasure to chat with Alex and Geoff, from Rhode Island and San Francisco, respectively. We had a blast getting to know each other and listening to these guys' stories of how they ended up in Berlin, Germany. 

Seriously, these guys were awesome. We got to know Alex and Geoff through their stories, their experiences, and their tips; some of which they learned the hard way.


Alex got a call late at night from a friend who was living in Berlin. She just left the club at 5am - not many clubs in America are open that late!

Geoff learned the hard way that Vienna is a bit expensive and jobs are scarce for foreigners.

Alex lived in the kitchen above the cupboards.

Both basically moved abroad with no job prospects in mind.

Alex met his girlfriend the first night in Berlin.

Geoff explains that for him, Berlin was a better choice for him - a guy in the tv/movie industry.


"You just gotta try it."

"If you stay comfortable, you'll just stay at home."

"Don't hope for the perfect circumstances." (fly over, get a job, etc.)

"Berlin is not your classic European city."

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